There are 3 types of clutter.  The disorderly heap of stuff laying on your dining room table that calls your name as you walk by.  It is desperate to get your attention by jumping onto the floor as you swoop by.   It makes you go back and pick it up off the floor for more attention.  Of course if you’re a male in my family “what you didn’t see, didn’t happen”.  So it stays on the floor.  My advice is avoid the table, causing the stack to expand.

There are people who are clutter.  Those who cause chaos and confusion.  I try to believe the best in people.  I’m so not perfect.  (shhhh….don’t tell my husband that, he thinks I am)  Are they attention hogs who try to gobble up all the recognition for a “job well done”?  If the job got done in a timely manner and everyone is mostly happy does it really matter?  It’s important for a leader to know and acknowledge those who are kind and helpful.  This last year I held a position where my job could not be done without the help of so many other people.  (Don’t worry, I’m not naming names.  I should because without each and every one of you success could never be reached)  I’ve had to make decisions that upset some, it hasn’t been easy.  Friendships gained, the sad part is some were lost.  We all have a part in being the clutter.  Can you forgive and rid yourself of the clutter?  Are you the clutter in someone’s life?  How do you unclutter yourself?  Kindness, forgiveness and compassion.

The clutter in my mind is what prompted me to start this blog.  I’m positive I’m not the only one who has these thoughts bouncing around inside their head like 99 bouncy balls that have just taken a dive from a pinata.  Do you try to catch each ball as it ricochets back and forth, do you sit there and avoid each ball as it flies at your face without any sort of control, or do you take each ball and face it one at a time?  If you face each chaotic ball one at a time, you will eventually  have the upper hand.

I think it’s time to de-clutter my life.  It all starts with forgiveness.  Not the kind you keep taking back after you’ve given it to God.  True forgiveness.  If you can’t forgive someone truly then how do you expect to be forgiven?  Good thing to ponder over.